i’ve been looking at getting a french connection or a roli seaboard, but can’t justify the price. so i decided to see what i can do expression wise with a keyboard and my intellijel planar joystick. i tried to make a cello patch using braids’s bowed mode, and it came out pretty nice i think!

played it live, no editing, line signal recorded straight into the camera.

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DJ Pone - Dipodaine feat Didaï (THE GRIFTERS x COKNEY) from The Grifters on Vimeo.

DJ Pone - Dipodaine feat Didaï (THE GRIFTERS x COKNEY)

Erratic Impulses is not only the latest album of parisian DJ and producer DJ pone, its also the motto of the newest video from The Grifters. Together with the tattoo and graffiti artist Cokney, equipped with a lot of different paints they found themselves in a train yard somewhere in France. Coloring the trains in many ways and using various techniques, its growing to a incredible artwork. Accompanied by the track Dipodaine from DJ Pone featuring Didaï, The Grifters and Cockney did a masterpiece that you haven’t seen before…

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